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Don't worry, if you already have been taking some of these, we can complement your existing marketing with a range of creative remedies, treatments and cures.

Website Design

Give your online presence a boost and increase your customer base, enlarge your sales and watch out for the swollen profits! Each dose of Website Remedy contains: Bespoke design, domain name registration, web hosting, static, CMS, e-commerce, website optimisation, email hosting, bespoke website functionality. May also contain nuts and cookies!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get seen with online exposure, drive more customers to your website and avoid blind spots on the internet highway. Each dose of Website Optimisation (SEO) can contain: Website content review, keyword content review, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, meta tag website optimisation, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, links & blogs. Contains spiders, Googlebots and extra traffic.


Boost your print and web promotions with some active ingredients. Each dose of Advertising remedy contains: Website advertising, Google Adwords campaign creation & management, banner adverts, publication advert design, copy writing. Side effects include chronic coughing syndrome also known as attention seeking disorder.


For creative and aesthetic relief. Design treatments to help your business remain healthy and prosperous. Each dose of Marketing Remedy contains: Design, brochures & catalogues, leaflets & flyers, website design & hosting, social media marketing, Google Adwords, advert design, Illustration, exhibition banners, photography. Non-allergenic, long lasting and safe to take with other medicines. Non-allergenic, long lasting and safe to take with other medicines.

Email Newsletters

Keep customers informed, maintain brand awareness or advertise new products and services. In four simple steps you can create positive side effects for your business! 1. Create content, 2. Upload contacts, 3. Send, 4. Track. Each dose of Email Newsletter Remedy contains: Bespoke newsletter design, campaign management, DIY management, online tracking & reports. Does not contain spam! But please ask for a nutritional demo. Login to Creative Remedy Newsletter Software

Social Media

Social Media Remedy is a great, inexpensive treatment to take with other medicines. Give your products and services added online exposure. Each dose of Social Media Remedy can contain account setup and/or account management of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instargram, Google+, YouTube. For the effective relief from internet diarrhoea.

Logo Design

We believe a logo is one of the most essential branding elements for your company, product or service. We can help you create the best first and lasting impression. Ensure your customers don’t have any side effects! Logo design, branding, straplines, business card design, stationery set design, product logo design. Side effects: Increased loyalty & trust, new customers, swollen profits.

Graphic Design

Stand out from the crowd with some visual treatments and cures for your business. Each dose of Design Remedy contains: Design for print, design for web, advertising, marketing & photography. Each dose of Creative Remedy is a reliable effective treatment made with real, natural creative juices.


Cure repetitive strain injury with a dose of Illustration Remedy. Each dose of Illustration Remedy contains: product and service illustration, for print & promotional material, for websites, for logos. Relieves headaches, migranes and promotes visual euphoria.


Recommended if your marketing is exhausted and tiresome. Stop the suffering and give it a lift back into health! Photo Remedy can be used to treat brochure blues, miserable marketing and wobbly websites. Each dose of Photo Remedy contains: Product & service photography 360° product photography, for social media, for print & promotional material, for websites. Do not exceed the stated dose if you are sensitive to flashing light and creativity.


Creative Remedy has worked alongside many publishers such as Oxford Oxford University Press, LCP, Scholastic & Hardwick Studios relieving symptoms of headache, raised blood pressure & insomnia. Each dose of Publishing Remedy contains: design, consultation, photography, brand design, interactive CD-ROM design, website design, illustration commissions, brief writing. Store in a memorable place, bookmark this site!


Inject your online presence with some creativity to engage users and keep them returning. Each dose of Multimedia Remedy contains: interactive CD-ROM design, promotional video production, interface design, interactive learning tool design. Creative Remedy is intended for long term use, and is safe to take with other medicines.

Workshops, Training & Support

Workshops, training and support to assist with your treatments and remedies, enabling your business to remain healthy and prosperous. Professional guidance available for websites, online content, social media and other ailments needing immediate attention. Each dose of Creative Remedy is a reliable effective treatment made with real, natural creative juices.

Free Consultation

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Warning: May contain nuts.